Dynasties of Oldham

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The Greenbank Lees

First Greenbank Mill was built in 1816

MayorMember of ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of the Peace
James Lees 1852-54James Lees
Elliot Lees 1886Elliot Lees 1886-92Elliot Lees

Greenbank Lees Family Tree

The Soho Lees

MayorMember of  ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of  Peacce

Soho Lees Family Tree

The Clarksfield Lees

MayorMember of  ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of  Peacce

Clarksfield Lees Family Tree


The  Platts 

Henry Platt was a blacksmith and farrier, his smithy was next to his home.

His son John joined him in the smithy, expanding the business by making textile machinery, after Henry's death John's three sons came into the business, Henry, who was named after his grandfather, was keen to do well, so he moved to Dobcross and started his own business.

It was a three storey building, he and his family lived on the first two floors and the workshop was on the top floor.  He employed up to six men making carding machines for the cotton spinners of Oldham.  During a cashflow problem Henry was introduced to Elijah Hibbert.  The men got on well and in 1822 the firm  of Hibbert and Platt was formed.  The men complimented each other, Elijah with a wider commercial experience and Henry had engineering skills, the firm grew and they expanded into larger premises and took on extra men.  Their machines was renown in the whole of Lancashire, the firm had the reputation of being able to supply every machine needed.  In 1829 larger premises were again were needed and the firm moved into Hartford Mill, a former cotton mill.

In 1842, a railway line was constructed from Manchester, business was booming and needed to expand it was decided to build a new building close to the railway.  Henry died in the November of that year.  His sons John and James took over the business.  The following year, restrictions on exporting machinery to foreign countries were abolished.  Hibbert and Platt quickly took advantage.

Elijah Hibbert died in 1846,  the brothers bought out the trustees of Elijah Hibbert in 1854, changing the name of the firm to Platt Brothers and Company.

MayorMember of ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of Peace
John Platt 1854-56, 1861-62John Platt 1865, 1868John Platt
Samuel Radcliffe Platt 1887-89                                                        Samuel Radcliffe Platt

Platt Family Tree

The  Radcliffes

MayorMember of ParliamentMade a Baronet/ other TitlesJustice of Peace
Josiah Radcliffe 1856-57-58, 1864-65Josiah Walmsley Radcliffe - High Sheriff of Lancashire 1894Josiah Radcliffe
Josiah Walmsley Radcliffe 1884-87Josiah Walmsley Radcliffe - Deputy Lieutenant of LancashireJosiah Walmsley Radcliffe

The Radcliffe's Family Tree

The Emmotts

MayorMember of ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of the Peace
Alfred Emmott 1891-92Alfred Emmott 1899-1911Sir Alfred Emmott 1911
Mary Gertrude Emmott

The Emmotts Family Tree


The Mellodews

MayorMember of ParliamentMade a BaronetJustice of Peace

The Mellodews Family Tree

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