Women who made/make Oldham
Debbie Abrahams M.P.
Member of Parliament for Oldham East and Saddleworth since 2011 for the Labour Party
Oldham Fairness Champion
In collaboration with the Oldham Chronicle - Dementia Friendly Oldham
Vera Baird (nee Thomas)
Labour Politician, Author and Barrister, Lecturer
Currently Police and Crime Commissioner, Northumbria
Lydia Ernestine Becker
Member of the Manchester National Society for Women's Suffrage
founded Women's Suffrage Journal
Author of books - Botany for Novices and Elementary Astronomy

Helen Bradley M.B.E
Ellen Brierley M.B.E., B.A., J.P.
Councillor, Mayor 1974-75
Honorary Alderman
Freemen of the Borough of Oldham 8th September 2004
Mary Higgs
Beautiful Oldham and the Garden Suburbs

Annie Kenney
member of Women's Social and Politician Union
Kay Knox
Councillor, Mayor 2005-06
Alice Amelia Kenyon J.P.
Councillor, Mayor 1961-62
Freemen of the Borough of Oldham 6th January 1963
Marjory Lees - Councillor
Freemen of the Borough of Oldham 3rd October 1934
Dame Sarah Lees D.B.E., LL.D.
Councillor, Mayor 1910-11
Freemen of the Borough of Oldham 9th November 1909

Margaret Riley
Councillor, Mayor 1998-99
Ethel Rothwell J.P.
Councillor, Mayor 1970-71
Val Sedgwick
Councillor, Mayor 2003-04
Elsie Shaw
Councillor, Mayor 1989-90
Dame Eva Turner  D.B.E., Mus. D.
Freemen of the Borough of Oldham 7th July 1982
Christine Wheeler
Councillor, Mayor 2001-02
Nicola White
Gold Metal Winner, Women's Olympic Hockey  2016
Ann Wingate

Councillor, Mayor 2007-08

Last updated 25th October 2018