Stars of Radio, Stage and Screen (large and small)

Bobby Ball
Oldham 1944
Half of Cannon and Ball, Actor, Writer
Christopher Biggins
Oldham 1947
Actor and TV Presenter
Lally Bowers
Oldham 1917-1984
Stage/Screen TV inc Your're only young twice 1977-1981
Tommy Cannon
Oldham 1938
Half of Cannon and Ball, Actor
Warren Clarke
Oldham 1947-2014
Actor, Producer and Director in Dalziel and Pascoe 1996-2007
Bernard Cribbins
Derker 1928
Actor and Muscial Comedian
Shobna Gulati
Oldham 1966
Actor, writer and dancer
Suranne Jones
Chadderton 1978
Anne Kirkbride
Oldham 1954-2015
Barbara Knox
Oldham 1933
Sarah Lancashire
Oldham 1964
Ralf Little
Oldham 1980
Semi-professional Footballer, Actor Writer
Leslie Schofield
Oldham 1938
Philip Schofield
Oldham 1962
Television Presenter/Personaliy
John Stapleton
Oldham 1946
Actor, TV Presenter
Eric Sykes
Oldham 1923-2013
Wrote for Radio, Television and Film writer, Actor and Director
Jack Wild
Actor of Stage and Screen) played the Artful Dodger in Oliver 1968