28 Dec 1839 - 22 Feb 1923

Born in Stockport, his father was one of brickmakers who supplied the bricks for Stockport railway Viaduct which spans the River Mersey.  The family moved to Crewe, where John worked in his father's brickyard from the age of nine, but when he was fourteen years old, his father died and John was forced to find work.  He apprenticed to a blacksmith, moved to Oldham in 1859 as a Blacksmith.

John took an interest in cotton mill shares and became buying and selling them, he became so successful, John gave up being a blacksmith and became a full time shareholder.

He advertised in the Oldham Chronicle for shares in 1884 he opened an office and lived with his family above the shop.

John joined the Primitive Methodist Church becoming part of the church by being the secretary and Sunday School Teacher.

John's choice of new career was odd since he was a teetotaler and most of the share dealing was done in local taverns.

With the knowledge gained as a share-holder he became a company-promoter.

Bunting promoted 5 companies, 3 from Oldham and 2 from Rochdale, purchasing the companies from private owners.

In 1904, Bunting built 2 mills, the mills paid dividends of 86%

He became a "Company Doctor" helping Mills which where having difficulties.

The secret of his success was to maintain the confidence of his investors, being active as a Director and Chairman, with his technical knowhow, his shrewdness   and ability of being able to appoint good managers, he invested in the mills, but did not speculate on raw cotton.

In January 1923, whist getting on a tram in Manchester he slipped and fell injuring his head and legs, three weeks later he died.  Mr Bunting was 84 and the director of twenty cotton mill companies, one of oldest members of the Manchester Royal Exchange and the Lancashire Sharebrokers' Association.
He left no will, his wife Sarah took out Letters of Administration. 

He married twice:
(1) Mary Shaw    in 1862, two children
(2) Sarah Jackson in 1871, four children

On his death his estate was valued at 658,000 net.

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